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OG-KIT Bare Bones Ozone Generator

Bare Bones Ozone Generator

OG-KIT  $49 - Free Shipping


Looking for the lowest price on an ozone generator or an ozone generator special?  Look no more, this is it!  Looking to make your own ozone generator or for ozone generator plans? Forget about it, why risk electrocuting yourself or burning down your house with a home made ozone generator when you can buy the real thing for only $49 with free shipping? 

Our bare bones ozone generator is a fully functional ozone generator that produces 3500 milligrams of ozone per hours by simply placing a fan (need to feed it air to create ozone!) behind the unit.  Contractors, or those needing a "great deal" in this tough economy will appreciate these ozone generators!  

What is included with each OG-KIT?  The board is solid red oak covered with a sheet of polished aluminum.   The 4000 volt (4KV) power transformer and high voltage heavy duty ceramic ozone element produce 3500 milligrams of ozone per hour.  Wires and fuse holder are housed in an electrical box.  A 3 foot long UL listed 3 pronged power cord is also supplied.  All that is missing is the fan and the housing.   We do recommend creating some kind of housing for your ozone generator to prevent critters from getting fried on the glowing purple plates.


Often ozone air purifier vendors will state their machines treat up to 10,000 sq ft.  This is confusing and intended to mislead.  Ozone air purifiers which feature one MICA plate do not raise the ozone levels in the average home much above the EPA guideline of .5 parts per million.  They produce enough ozone to irritate the lungs, but not enough to kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and to permanently remove smoke damage.  To do those things, you need SHOCK levels of ozone!  It takes 1000 milligrams of ozone to "shock" a 100 sq ft area and permanently remove odors, smoke damage, kill mold, etc.  High voltage ozone plates, the type that turn purple when in use, produce 3500-4000 milligrams of ozone per hour, depending on the transformer.  That's enough  ozone to shock a 350-400 sq ft area in 6 hours (for heavy odors, 1-2 for light odors).  QUESTION:  Can it then treat a whole house in 24 hours?  Yes if you go room by room OR if the temps are in the 30's (ozone does not bread down near or at freezing temps, breaks down into oxygen in 40 minutes at room temps) but no if it has to treat the entire area.  The ozone levels will never reach the "shock" levels needed to penetrate surfaces deep enough and to oxidize molecules. Lower concentrations of ozone will only remove some of the problem, not all of it.  To score a 100% kill or removal rate, you need to adhere to the 1000 milligrams per 100 sq ft rule.


Before you buy an ozone generator, please use this checklist before making your purchase:

1) Does the vendor provide pictures of the inside of their ozone generator?  If not, what are they trying to hide? 
2) Does the vendor provide complete spec's including unit size, amps used, fuse size (if any), casing material? (If from China paint probably contains lead, others plastic)
3) How long is the product warrantee? If it fails after 1 month, what happens?  Where is the product to be sent for repair? China?
4) Is there a money back guarantee?  What if you receive the product and it's a piece of junk?  Will the vendor only replace or repair the unit if you're not satisfied once you have the product in your hands?
5) What type of ozone plates does the ozone generator use?  Do they sell replacements?  Mica plates use thin wire mesh, are thin and brittle, and only last months.  They're not "permanent" as some vendors fraudulently claim.  No ozone element is "permanent".  Ozone plates take a big charge and things such as humidity, dust, and time make them wear out, sometimes very quickly. 

If you ask those questions, and act accordingly, you will not be wasting your money when you buy an ozone generator, guaranteed!


If you get this, try it, and think, "Gee, this thing sucks! It doesn't produce as much ozone as I thought it would!  I want my money back!" and you email or call us within 24 hours of receipt then we will gladly refund your money minus the shipping expense (under $10)   After that, there is a $5 per day rental fee to keep it for up to 7 days.  For instance, if you want to return this after say 3 days, you'll be charged a $15 restocking fee.  Seven days, $35. 


Product is in stock if "ADD TO CART" link is up  and ships same day when ordered before 2PM PST.

Disclaimer: Ozone in high concentrations irritates the lungs unless it has something in the air to oxidize, for instance, second hand smoke or VOC's. If ozone does not oxidize something within 30-40 minutes however, it will revert back to oxygen however. This is a industrial ozone generator intended to be used in unoccupied rooms, not as an air purifier in occupied rooms.  Use in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws.

Most Popular Applications:

Shock Treatments

Restoration contractors use high powered ozone generators to remove odors caused by fires, flooding, second hand smoke, sewage cleanup, etc from walls, furniture, carpets, etc.  They are also used to kill molds (including toxic mold). 

Toxic Mold

Pest Control

Some environmental friendly pest control companies are getting wise to the use of commercial ozone generators in lieu of pesticides to kill insects, especially in home with small children and pets.  High levels of ozone kill dust mites, ticks, ants, cockroaches, even bed bugs! Unlike pesticides, ozone converts back into oxygen after it's done it's job and leaves behind no harmful by-products, only oxygen rich air

Bed Bugs

Remove Second Hand Smoke and Odors.

Smokers need ozone!  Second hand smoke penetrates all surfaces and ruins them.  Ozone oxidizes those harmful substances found in second hand smoke; even surfaces damaged by cigarette or cigar smoke.  You don't have to smoke however to reap the benefits of this ozone generator.  Simply passing through a smoky bar can saturate your clothing with second hand smoke.  Ozone will remove the second hand smoke odors from clothing which in turn can save you money on dry cleaning.  Simply turn this ozone generator on in the closet with the smoky clothing and Presto!  Clean, fresh smelling clothing.

Smoky Bar






Chemicals Oxidized by Ozone

This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen This group includes: Acetic Acid, Acetone, Formaldehyde, Isopropyl Alcohol. M.E.K [methyl ethyl keytone], Propylene Glycol. The sources of these chemicals in our homes include: Tobacco smoke, plywood, cabinets, furniture, particle board, office dividers, new carpets, new drapes, wallpaper, and paneling. Also in cosmetics, shampoo and in packaged, bottled. and canned supermarket foods.
1. Acetic Acid, 2. Acetone, 3. n-Butyle Acetate, 4. Butoxyethanol, 5. Cetyl Alcohol, 6. Formaldehyde, 7. Isopropyl Alcohol, 8.Gylcerol, 9. Methacrylic Acid, 10. Methyl-ethyl Keytone (MEK), 11.Propylene Gylcol,

This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen This group includes: Benzene.    Camphor, and Toulene.   These chemicals are associated with paint, new carpets, new drapes and upholstery.

12 Benzene, 13. Benzyl Alcohol, 14. n.Butyl Phthalate, 15. Camphor, 16. Para-Phenylenediamine, 17. Resorcinol, 18. Styrene, 19. Tricresyl, 20. Toulene, 21. Xylene

This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen This group contains Butane, L.P.G.   {Liquid Propane Gas]. Propane, Mineral Spirits.    These are associated with hydrocarbons, tobacco smoke, gas burners, and furnaces.
22 Butane, 23. Isobutane, 24. Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG), 25.Mineal Spirits, 26. Propane.

This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, CL20 and oxygen. This group includes: Methyl Chloroform,
27. Methylene Chloride, 28. Chloroform, 29. Methyl Chloroform, 30. Perchloroethylene, 31.Trichloroethylene, 39. Phenacetin.

This group breaks down into water, nitrogen and oxygen. Ammonia, and Hydrogen Cyanide are members of this family.
32. Hydrogen Cyanide, 33. Amino Phenol, 34. Ammonia, 35. Ammonium Hydroxide, 36. Benzopyrene, 37. EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetracetic Acid), 38. Ethanolamine.

This group breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, sulfuric acid and oxygen. Members of this group include: Ammonium Persulfate and Sodium Bisulfite
40. Ammonium Persulfate, 41. Ammonium Thioglycolate, 42. Sodium Bisulfite, 43. Thioglycolic Acid,

Of particular note: Alkylated Silicates form Carbon Dioxide, water, Silicon Dioxide and Oxygen. Silicon Dioxide is considered a respiratory hazard. Members of this group include: Non-ionic Detergents
44. Alkylated Silicates, 45. Non-Ionic Detergents.

VIII. NON-REACTIVE COMPOUNDS Members of this group include: Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium Persulfate Sodium Bromate.
46. Calcium Oxide, 47. Hydrogen Peroxide, 48. Phosphoric Acid, 49. Potassium Persulfate, 50. Silicas, 51. Sodium Bromate, 52. Sodium Persulfate, 53. Strontium Peroxide, 54. Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, 55. Titanium Dioxide. 56. Carbon Tetrachloride (low temperature)




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