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1000 mg/h Glass Tube Water OzonatorOG-1000 water ozonator




Before we started making our own ozone generators, we sold a few different "Made in China" water ozonators that produced between 200 and 500 mg/h.  We discovered a few things.  (1)  Heat build-up within the small plastic housing would cause pre-mature failure (sometimes within weeks) when run for prolonged periods of time (hours on end).  (2)  The air pumps were small and would burn out in around 1 year or less rendering the machine useless as the air pump was impossible to replace.  (3)  The ozone tubes were metal and the output nipples plastic so they'd turn yellow and crack in time.  Metal is not the substrate of use to produce ozone.  Bottom line, those cheap ozonators were disposable units not designed to last very long and not made to create medical grade ozone.  Our solution, the OG-1000 "basic build" water ozonator. 

Why do we call it a "basic build" water ozonator? It doesn't have any electronic components (timer, on-off switch, rheostat, etc). It's just a 5" glass tube 1000 mg/h ozone tube (covered with black tape), a 1KV transformer, a UL listed power cord / electrical box, and an external air pump (with hose, bubbler stones). When the air pump burns out, throw it away and buy another one from us for $18. When the ozone tube or transformer burns out, they're available as well for $18 each. THAT'S IT! This is the last water ozonator you'll ever have to buy and at this price, you can afford to buy one for the bathroom and kitchen where they're used most.

OZONE THERAPY APPLICATIONS:  Because this unit uses a glass tube and can be fed pure oxygen, it can be used for medical ozone therapy applications.  You can also attach our optional air dryer to this unit if you don't want to spring for oxygen. 

OPTIONS:  We sell a wireless on-off switch that allows you to turn the unit on and off from up to 100 feet away for $22.  

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OZONATOR INVISIBLE:  We've drilled a small 3/8" hole in the bottom of the kitchen cabinet near the sink and placed this unit tucked away in the corner of the cabinet with the output hose snaking down from the cabinet to a water container near our Reverse Osmosis spigot.  The timer sits on top of counter and when we want to ozonate water to clean food or for drinking, we simply turn the machine on via the wireless remote and viola!, instant ozone!  We've also done the same thing in the bathroom.  A small hole on the side of the bathroom vanity is the exit point for the OG-1000 that sits in one of the shelves.   The silicone tube-stone sits in a glass near the sink so that we can gargle with ozonated water after we brush or to sanitize our tooth brushes.  I also have a hand held ozone bidet I fill with ozonated water to clean after a "#2" but hat's a different story.  Point is that our bathroom and kitchen OG-1000's are turned on and off wearilessly and out of sight. 

Specs: Power: 12 watts - 110V. Weight: 5 lbs. Size: 7" long, 5" wide, 3" high. Air pump 8 liters per minute.  Three feet of silicone tubing and 2 bubbler stones included.  Base solid Oak.  Made with pride in the USA.





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